How to come up with an unique blog name

This first post has been over two weeks in the making (even longer) as I pondered over the name of this blog. I love coming up with names as it develops a personality all on its own and I have named a lot of things – the family rabbit when I was 7; my Lego mini-figs; my dogs; my computers; my two boys (with consultations with my husband, of course). Coming up who a blog name did take some time as it would give it a starting point to the content of my blog.

Hi, this is me, Monica. I’m endeavouring into a new world of culinary and pastry arts after leaving my full-time job that I’ve had for over a decade in the printing and tech industry. I will be starting school tomorrow and it is I cannot say that I have any prior experience to working in a kitchen other than the one in my own home. Even then, I rarely cook, but I have been making dairy- and egg-free decorated fancy cakes a la cake boss or something you may see on a TV show. On this post is a dairy-free and egg-free matcha green tea and chocolate layered cake.

I figure my first post should be about the establishing your online presence in a blog name or website name for those who are also thinking about starting one. There are many reasons why you should use an unique name including competing with the millions of blogs out there and to generate more traffic. Here goes my list:

1. Brainstorm.
Start by jotting a few words and ideas down about what your website/blog will be about. Make it relevant to yourself. Describe your personality, product, concept, etc. Play around with the words. Check for alternative words with a thesaurus. Use your nickname. Make up new words.

For me this is a “new adventure” as a “newbie culinary/pastry student”. I know it will be physically challenging, long hours on my feet. Things a new student needs – “aprons”, “chef whites”, “clogs”. I’m looking to document my “journey” into culinary and I have been following and reading several other inspiring bloggers who have taken the same leap I have, so maybe someone else might benefit from my experience and “trial and errors”. I “bake and decorate cakes”. I make my cakes to cater to my sons’ allergies. I also like to think that I’m very personable and “friendly”, too, and you may see this from the overuse of emoticons and smiley faces. 😉

2. Bounce the ideas off someone.
I normally start approaching friends and strangers with having them provide suggestions to me directly. And I would drop random ideas on my husband at random times. Having a discussion with an outside party will give you an honest opinion on how the name sounds. There are names I’ve came up with and have developed an attachment to but the appeal to the general public may not be as receptive as they try to relate or understand the concept.

3. Make it memorable.
Like a good taste in the mouth your blog name should reflect your blog as it is your handshake with your audience.

4. Keep it simple.
If no one can find your blog by googling it phonetically, then it might be too complex. Keep it short. Avoid misspelling the words if it is a common typo (and google the possible typos to see if it can lead your readers somewhere else.)

5. Google it.
This is the most important step.
Google has been the most powerful search engine by far, and if someone else is already using your name or a similar name, then move along to something else. I share my personal name with a city in California so it would often bring up Santa Monica in searches even though I’m nowhere near there. The exception would be if you have a trademarked name — why haven’t you reserve your domain handle, Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube, Flickr and Tumblr page yet??

Well, welcome to Cakes and Options.

What other ideas do you have with coming up with unique names?


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