What’s your flavour profile?

On to week 2 focusing on soups and stocks. An important highlight from today’s class was tasting, tasting and tasting. And also tasting our classmate’s soup, too. From our teams of two, we were all producing the same soup from the same recipe, but the end result is vastly different as we each have our own flavour profile, as described by Chef Warren – how we, individually, taste our food. For my particular flavour profile I would lean more towards the less saltier side, so when cooking, I may need to over compensate to get the correct level of seasoning.

A mindfart today – I was stumped on remembering how to dice an onion after practicing all those knife cuts from last week.

Some pictures from today, a vegetable stock and a chicken stock simmering away, can you just smell it? Those are also chicken feet in the stock.

Gypsy soup:

Minestrone soup:
IMG_6087 (I’m not really a big fan of the minestrone soup, there might be a certain combination of herbs that just doesn’t sit well in my tummy.)

This blog has also gone public! Welcome new readers! As a blog reader myself, I found it extremely helpful just reading about someone else’s experience, so hopefully you may find an useful tidbit in here. I do intend to write about cakes and options around cakes, but my focus at the moment is completing the culinary term – learning how to cook (Sept-Dec 2014), and then I’ll be moving to a bread/pastry term (Jan-Apr 2015). A follow student who is currently in the bread/pastry program is also blogging her experience – livforcake.com.


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