Don’t be a pot-stirrer!

In this week’s focus on soup and stocks we are doing a lot more and more stove work where we would be sweating the mirepoix (combo of chopped veggies for stock/soup/other cooking) and letting the stocks and soup simmer with the different flavours in the pot. To quote Chef Tony in today’s blog, “don’t be a pot-stirrer,” we’re saying that unless there is a specific action which needs to be completed, do not touch the pot — just let it cook. The actions which you would need to stir is it is doing something for the cooking process — such as distributing the oil to the chopped veggies; cooking the roux; stirring in seasoning, etc. This term isn’t restricted to things in pots. An example is when whisking egg yolk to make mayo on day 4 of class. There is the slowly drizzle oil which you whisk, but don’t whisk if you’re not adding oil.

I think there are several components to why not to be a pot-stirrer which includes reducing efficiency in the kitchen; disturbing the cooking method (you cannot be stirring the raft in a consomme); breaking down components with extra unneeded energy; removing heat from the pot.

Is this a bad habit that you need to learn to stop doing?


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