Skill: Minimizing food waste

An important skill I’ve learned by the 2nd day of class is how to minimize food waste. I was cutting into a red pepper and the inside was moldy, and rather than to throw out an outer wise perfectly good organic pepper I was told to cut around it. (Do use common sense when dealing with moldy food, but there was no ill effect from me eating this pepper.) Being able to use as many part of your product allows you to reduce food cost.
Proud moment from last night: I made a chicken stock with carrot tops! The rotisserie chicken was too dry in the dark meat area and weren’t as meaty so I turned it into my first homemade stock.




One thought on “Skill: Minimizing food waste

  1. I thought I should elaborate on moldy food: I did some research on mold found inside red peppers, and apparently it is quite common. The fungus is developed as early as the flowering stage of the plant, and there are no symptoms on the outside. There are blog posts of people cutting into a red bell pepper and seeing bugs or moths fly out. *shudders*. “Hard” fruits and vegetables with mold are ok to consume, just cut around it, and don’t touch it with your knife.


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