Rethink veggies

As we dive into entremetier week, we are being exposed to different ways of preparing those veggies that may be not as loved compared to others – cauliflower, onions and brussel sprouts. The highlight so far are the different techniques and methods we are learning to apply to these vegetables. The key is to understand the characteristic of the vegetable – colour, texture: raw and cooked, flavour, shape, etc – and using various methods to achieve an end result. Flavour pairing is also important and this would come from research, traditional dishes or from The Flavor Bible. We made “noodles” from onions (cooked pasta style) and raw butternut squash, zucchinis and carrots with a benreiner; caramelized onions on stove and in a pressure cooker and turned it into purée, leathers; deep fried and made risotto from cauliflower; pickled veggies; turned daikons into “scallops”; and prepared brussel sprouts at least 3 different ways. The possibilities are endless to excite the senses with vegetables! No longer are we allowed to think of vegetables as just a side dish.

As we progress through the days, we are building upon the initial knife skills and organization skills with mise en place. Each day is a new level up.


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