Cooking up a storm this weekend and an update on the ink situation

It was fish week at school, and I brought home several extra pieces of salmon from the school’s fish sale on the extra fish. It has been a long time since I’ve last cooked salmon at home, and here are the results:

Seared salmon with maple-glaze Pan-seared salmon with a maple-glazed. I did not drop the maple glaze over the crispy skin. This was a before shot – before I flooded the plate with the yummy maple-glaze.

Poached salmon with lemon and dill Salmon en papillote with lemon and dill. I didn’t have any but my husband said it was yum, and didn’t save me any.

Straight from my culinary notebook into action at home is the gravlax. The toughest part was finding things to weigh down the fish with. I used my 13×9 inch pan (covered with saran wrap, then parchment and then aluminum foil because I didn’t want my next cake to have any hint of fish), and found a rubbermaid lid that fit perfectly over top and dropped on top my 2 x 2lb and 2 x 5lb hand weights plus a bag of apples which I think should be weighty enough to cure this salmon.


And my not-as-successful attempt. I had my husband bring home his small portable blowtorch from work (he’s a mechanic). I substituted coconut milk for whipping cream in the creme brulee recipe, but then I also sub a can of watered down coconut cream for coconut milk because that was what I had on hand. Infused with vanilla bean. I also used a larger serving dish than intended for creme brulee. I had it in a bain marie in the oven for over an hour, but there were a lot of liquid coming out from it. I’m not deterred, and I’m going to try this again. I am 100% positive I can make creme brulee with coconut milk. This will also be on the midterm.

not-as-successful Dairy-free creme brulee

Since I have used several egg yolks for the creme brulee recipe, I got extra egg white that are aging on my kitchen counter in my 3rd-ever attempt on macarons after I clear the load of dishes in the sink at the moment.

Update on my chef jacket:

It was a success! After several rounds of soaking in Oxyclean, some acetone dabbing, and then more Oxyclean, and then Oxyclean applied directly on to the stain, I have gotten it back to the white it used to have been. The blue circled showed the a previous red spot underneath a layer of Oxyclean applied overnight – and it’s gone! The blue smear are from the Oxyclean pigments, which I hope will wash out.


Check out if you have time. You will find blog posts from the students and mine on the progress of school. We are almost half way through with a midterm in two weeks. Time has really flew by!

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