Midterm week wrap-up

I’m not sure if I was able to get much sleep during last week – Week 8’s midterm week – as there were butterflies in my stomach leading into each day of the exams. Midterm consisted of 3 days — day 1 is a written exam; day 2 is the school’s practical exam, and day 3 is the ITA’s practical exam. The midterms also marked the first time were we were judged and marked on the food we prepared in the kitchen. I know I’ve walked into each exam fully prepared (as much as I could), and the butterflies settled as soon as I put my knife to my steel. We were given a lot of time to prepare for the midterms in the weeks leading up to it. I’ve been making omelettes, gnocchi and creme brulee at home; on Monday, the entire class in teams of 2 practiced going through the midterm; on Tuesday after the written exam, some of us stayed to practice the recipes; and there were also a lot of mental walk-throughs in my head. Overall, I’m happy with my results knowing that they were strong marks and it was a fair reflection of where I am with my skills so far. I am (nervously) looking forward to the finals and restaurant days where my goal is to ace them. 😉

Here are my tips to prepare for the midterms:

  1. Practice, practice and practice. There isn’t any substitution for actual hands-on practice, but it also helps to do mental walk-throughs to go through the steps in your task list and to anticipate each actions.
  2. Prepare a good task list.
  3. Get a good night’s rest (as much as possible).
  4. Don’t drink any caffeinated drinks before the exam. You don’t want to be running to the bathroom or getting shaky hands, especially for the practicals.
  5. Taste. Don’t send anything up without first tasting it yourself.

Midterm Day 2 My 3 dishes prepared for midterm day 2 practical.

Midterm Day 3 My 5 dishes prepared for midterm day 3 practical.


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