Week 9, 10 and 11 recap: A trip around the world from my stove

This is my catch up post so that I could continue blogging about other things so that it doesn’t seem out of order ;). After recovering from the stress of midterms we are back in the kitchen with a renew energy. There is a bit more elbow room around the stove. I have little bits of notes here and there with my thoughts on the last several weeks, but having now wrapped up Asian week, I am able to reflect on the whirlwind tour we’ve made cooking different cuisines. We made a lot of dishes. A lot. And to really re-emphasize it, A LOT. If you have been following my Instagram feed (with only part of it making it to sharing on Facebook) you would see that we ate a lot tasted many flavours. Most evenings I would be skipping dinner. There were a lot of hits, but a couple of misses (I’m not sure I found that the manti from Middle East days was as enjoyable as it was hyped up to be :(). All in all, it was a really good trip to have been on.Week 9: We got started in with a week in Italian cuisine. Fresh and simple – my type of food. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Week 10: A couple of days in the Middle East. I loved the mild use of spices that created so much depth. Some highlights:

Latino days. Those empanadas are sooooo addictive.

Week 11 Monday: We started off the week with an Indian/Thai banquet on a Monday. We had enough food leftover to feed the pastry students for 2 days. 🙂 Since week 10 we have worked as a stove (of 3-4 people) rather than in teams of 2 which allows us to get more recipes done. For the Indian/Thai banquet, not only did the entire class work on several menu items, each stove was also given a specific recipe to accomplish. My stove contributed the Egg Biryani and Mango Raita. This is just a visual feast for the eyes. All I can say is, wow, we did it! (Despite lunch being served at 2pm and the pastry students might have been starving.)

(to be continued – Momofuku day, Chinese, Japanese and an Asian menu development.)

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