Follow my journey as a culinary/pastry student at the Northwest Culinary Academy in Vancouver, my career #2. My search for a bakery to be able to cater to a dairy-free birthday cake in Vancouver 5 years ago have opened up my passion in baking and decorating cakes, specializing in dairy-free and vegan (dairy-free and egg-free) recipes to accommodate my two boy’s allergies. When I find time to bake, usually after the boys are in bed, I’ll be trying new recipes.

My background has been in the printing industry since high school. After graduating university with a Bachelor of Technology in Graphic Communications Management, I developed career #1 as a subject matter expert for a highly popular imposition software used in prepress by the printing industry. I loved my job and the people I worked with, but needed something more, hence, career #2. I still have a love of typography and graphic designs.

Tidbit: My first showstopper cake made in 2010 was a 11-layered Ultimate Coconut Cake recipe from Martha Stewart’s website. I made this cake with a hand mixer in my mom’s kitchen, with no turntable or offset spatulas. This cake contained European butter. It was definitely not dairy-free, nor fat-free.



Monica 🙂


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